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JULY 2023

A new virtual tour is on line!

Come and discover Château Gassies from every perspective, from the central garden to the reception room, not forgetting the guest rooms and gîtes.

We're offering you a total immersion into the heart of Château Gassies that will help you plan your future events and stays on site.

For those curious, it's right here:

A big thank you to Ludivine from LP Floral for the flowers in the reception room and to Options for the tableware.

More fabulous weddings to remember...

Team Gassies continues to go from strength to strength! We welcomed 9 weddings in July, with grandiose decorations on a variety of themes: Italy, Mexico, Pink, Black & White, White party...

Our wedding planners, florists and decorators have plenty of inspiration to offer you personalised, refined and original services.

Finally, a look back at Dentelle Event's magnificent inspiration shoot!

We've been looking forward to it.... here's the remarkable photo shoot organised by Agence Dentelle Event in May, with photographer Still Miracle and a floral decor by Benjamin Jouet.

This shoot was also an opportunity to reveal the possibility of holding your ceremony in the central garden or organising your wedding dinner in the elegant, leafy grounds of Château Gassies, in front of the majestic Cedar tree or in the main court. If you would like to find out more about these new possibilities, please contact us directly. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.


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