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Château Gassies Before
Château Gassies After

Before / After

Turning Chateau Gassies into what it looks like today took 4 years of complete renovation work.  This meant 16 months of work per building.

We worked with a local architect, specialising in the renovation of Chateaux, and made sure that we  brought the property back to its lost beauty and glory, without compromise. We only worked with local craftmen, only using authentic material, and keeping with the soul and original features of the  chateau and its time (18th century). Château Gassies was built between 1770 and 1775. 

There are 3 buildings on site. The main Chateau and its two beautiful outbuildings. 

In the North building you had the coachman house, turned into Gite Caleche,  the tack up room, now our Calèche Covered Courtyard,  the Orangerie ...still the Orangerie, and also a large attic and workshop, turned into our second Gite, Gite Orangerie. 

In the South building you had the old winery, the barrel room, the bottling room, packing room and storage room. As the previous owner had gotten rid of its 9 hectare of vines, 3 years prior,  the property was no longer a wine making Château when we bought it. So the winery itself was turned into our Reception Room, and all the other spaces in this outbuilding where turned into the Gym, and Wellness Area, with the Sauna, Steam bath and Massage room/ Spa THÉMAÉ.

The Chateau itself was entirely renovated, its original layout reinstated, its facades were sanded and a terrace was added on the west side, to offer a unique viewpoint over Bordeaux, the Garonne, and the striking 250 year old Lebanese Cedar majestically  towering over the park. 

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