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Wellness Area - Château Gassies
Basketball court - Château Gassies
Piscine des gîtes, guesthouses swimming pool
Petanque Château Gassies


Whether you want to have a relaxing week-end, and enjoy all facilities on site, or have an active time discovering Bordeaux and its region, the choice is wide and rich.

Our team at Château Gassies will offer you tailor made activities. All you have to do is ask. 

Aspiring to a quiet week-end, there is everything on the chateau site for you to keep fit and relax.  A run at the gym? A tennis match with your partner? A dive at the pool, or relaxation at the spa?  The choice is yours...

Ready to explore Bordeaux and its region? We can organise wine tours for you, or a visit at la Cité du Vin, or at St Emilion.

Spend a day by the ocean, climb the iconic Dune du Pyla, and sail on the Bassin d'Arcachon. 

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