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Portes ouvertes Château Gassies - Partenaires

Our lovely partners

Château Gassies has selected a few partners to help you organise your wedding in a smooth and easy manner. 

We have chosen our local partners  with utmost care for the quality of their work and their professionalism, ensuring the perfection of your dream wedding. Our lists offer quite a wide variety of choices, and we trust you will find there the  suppliers suiting your exact expectations . 


Our partners know Chateau Gassies' site well, they have accepted our Terms and Conditions of performing on site, have already sent us their insurance certificates, and  are ready to supply their services to you on site, relieving you of the burden of having to go through the search and all this nitty-gritty and time consuming admin process that it entails. 

Our preferred Caterers

Click on any logo to get to the caterer's website of your choice.

Arom Traiteur
Capdevielle Cuisinier traiteur
Deval traiteur
Dulou traiteur
Humblot caterers logo
Le Nectar caterers Logo
Les 5 sens  traiteur mariage
Monblanc caterers logo
Savary traiteur

Our preferred Music, DJ, Lights

Click on any logo to get to the Music provider's website of your choice. 

Alegria Music Logo
K-Music Logo
British DJ in France Logo
All Night Music DJ Logo

Our preferred  Florists

Click on any logo to get the Florist's website of your choice

ArtMania Florist Logo
éclosion fleuriste
l'atelier floral design
LP floral designer
Pierre-louis dupy fleuriste

Our preferred  Photographers

Click on any logo to get to the Photographer's website of your choice. 

Tristan Perrier Photographer Logo
Tristan and Stephen Films logo
Véronique Chesnel wedding photographer
Jo Elvis wedding photographer
Meltem Salb wedding photographer
Anais Mr Photographer Logo
Chateau Gassies, event photographer chateau gassies, wedding videographer chateau gassies, Simon Murray chateau gassies, wedding photographer chateau gassies, wedding memory photographer chateau gassies, partner service chateau gassies, wedding photographer chateau gassies
Still Miracle Photography Logo.png
Logo Signature Julie Bruhier 2024.png

Our preferred  Videographers

Click on any logo to get to the Videographer's website of your choice. 

Arnaud Leperlier wedding videographer
Tristan and Stephen Films logo

Our preferred  Wedding Planners

Click on any logo to get to the Wedding Planner's website of your choice. 

Petillante Wedding, Nicole Tournois wedding planner, Logo
daria wedding planner logo
Noces du Monde Château Gassies, Château Gassies, wedding at château gassies, wedding planner château gassies, partner service château gassies, wedding planner Château Gassies, wedding planner Bordeaux, wedding place Bordeaux
Melissa wilpotte wedding planner logo
Dentelles wedding planner logo
Marry me in FranceWedding planner
enjoy your event wedding planner logo
Logo 2024_Mademoiselle Loyal_Beautiful Events_Quadri.jpg

Our preferred Solemnisers

Click on any logo to get to the Solemniser's website of your choice. 

Aurelie Cousseau celebrant logo
Logo Animea Cérémonies.png
Mark Rind Celebrant Logo
Lisa Lister celebrant

Our preferred Children Entertainment

Click on the logo to get to the Entertainors' website. 

l'univers de jeff animation enfant
tout pour nous babysitters logo
La compagnie des familles

Our preferred Classic Cars

Click on the logo to get to the partner's website . 

Château Gassies, Retro Driver

Our preferred Keepsake

Click on the logo to open our partners' websites

Allo Corner Chateau Gassies
Isabelle Piriou Château Gassies, Wedding Château Gassies, event Château Gassies
Logo-wildstories-fond-clair (1).png
combicrush photobooth in a combi-van logo
Wedding Château Gassies, event Château Gassies, original wedding experience, wedding memory photos Château Gassies, OWENZA Château Gassies, wedding memories, wedding trend service

Our preferred Animations

Click on the logo to open our partners' websites

oenanim logo
Invino event
Les anims de Freddy
 My Event 360 logo
french barmen logo

Our preferred Private Cars and Shuttles

If you need a private chauffeur to pick-up your guests from the airport or shuttles to bring your guests back to their hotel on the night of the wedding, these 3 companies , All In Drive, Atlantique Berlines, LY VTC Services are our favorite service providers.  Reliable, highly professional, and friendly. You are in good hands.

All In Drive Chateau Gassies
Atlantique Berlines Chateau Gassies
LV VTC services logo

Furniture rental and tableware

Click on any logo to get to the Furniture rental and tableware website of your choice.

Be lounge
OPTIONS BORDEAUX furniture rental logo
SOUCHON furniture rental logo

Cake Design 

Click on the logo to discover Amandine and Meriem's sweet delights

Amand in Cakes logo
logo M&M.png

Our favourites Food Trucks

Click on any logo to get to the Food Trucks' website of your choice.

C Si Bon foodtruck logo
El Taco del Diablo foodtruck logo
Le Rialto Food truck
L'Apostrophe food truck logo
Jo Smoke House food truck logo
Truck West Corner logo
JUNA foodtruck logo
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