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JUNE 2023

A month full of weddings!

June was a busy month for weddings. Since 1 June, we've been welcoming couples from all over the world: England, Ireland, Mexico, America...

At weekends and during the week, couples come to celebrate their union at Château Gassies. In total, no fewer than 8 weddings took place this month.

Thanks to the excellent work of the event providers, each wedding is unique! We see different colours and styles; each photographer brings his or her own artistic sensibility and the memories are all the better for it!

Take a look back at two wonderful days below:

With all these weddings, it's impossible for Château Gassies to host corporate seminars.

As a result, we attend a number of external events, bringing together different players in the Bordeaux events industry:

- The launch of the new edition of Bordeaux Madame magazine: a garden party was organised for the occasion in the centre of Bordeaux, at the Harvey. A wonderful evening punctuated by a host of discussions and entertainment. Congratulations to the INFLUENCE team for organising the event and to our catering partner Savary for the cocktail reception.

- The third BCB Inter-Network Evening: as a member of Bordeaux Meeting & Congress and MEDEF Gironde, we attended this event organised by Les Cloitres des Cordeliers in partnership with Placeco Bordeaux.

- Finally, the Bordeaux Convention Bureau lunch at the Château Hôtel Grand Barrail. It was a pleasure to meet up again with the members of the Bordeaux Convention Bureau and to discover new venues.

Have a great summer! :)


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