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The season continues, the team is getting stronger

Wedding season is still in full swing here at Chateau Gassies. The church bells were ringing in Latresne as we were fortunate enough to hold the beautiful weddings for couples from France, from Australia, America and the UK. Chateau Gassies welcomed two new members to the team. Stevie, a native English girl, now lives in Bordeaux and is joining us as Destination Wedding planner Sales Manager, reinforcing our team as dual language speakers ready to host your weddings from near and far. Léonie, a student at Vatel, has also joined the team! She is mainly present during the wedding weekends; she takes care of the breakfast and assists our housekeeper in various missions. To end this month on a high note, we hosted the International Poultry Coun-cil Gala Dinner on Thursday 29 September. It was a pleasure to welcome them. This event had been postponed due to the covid.


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