October 2021

Autumn settles in at Château Gassies

The colours of autumn appeared under an incredibly clear blue sky... always a very beautiful season in the Bordeaux region.

In order to enhance our "Winter Wedding" offer, available from November to March, we have installed a transparent "crystal" tarpaulin with stone-coloured edges in the Préau Orangerie. It cuts out the wind, cold and rain.

The bride and groom will therefore be able to use this space comfortably for their cocktail parties in the low season as well. We are looking forward to opening it next month with our first Winter wedding of 2021.

In addition, this month we welcomed the winners of the competition organised last June with our partner Deval traiteur on Instagram.

The programme included a night in the bridal suite and a candlelit dinner.


Was it chance or luck?

The winners are a former bride and her groom of Château Gassies!

What a pleasure to see them again!